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Projects & Training

There's no shortage of options for high-end HR Consultancy services designed for large and sophisticated organisations.  But what if you are a small business with a limited budget?

Staffcraft Consultancy specialises in supporting organisations employing fewer than 100 where pragmatic solutions and value for money are always critical.  

Where we don't compromise is in the quality and experience of our consultants.  Our unique Associate model means that we can provide exactly the right combination of skills and experience for any project to ensure first-class delivery and results.

Here's some recent examples of our consultancy work

Grievance investigation - Housing association, London

A grievance raised against a chief executive required an external investigation to guarantee impartiality.

One of our experienced investigators completed this sensitive and complex investigation swiftly and efficiently ensuring that the evidence was properly collected, assessed and reported and enabling the Trustees to reach a fair and balanced conclusion.  

Supervisory Training - Online retailer, West London

An HR audit identified poor management skills amongst team-leaders and shift supervisors leading to low morale within some teams.  In particular, low understanding of employment law and inadequate procedures for managing sickness absence, holiday, timekeeping and rest breaks left supervisors feeling unable to effectively manage workplace discipline.

We worked with the employer to design and implement new procedures and provided a customised training programme for the supervisors.  This led immediately to improved timekeeping and attendance, higher morale and confidence amongst the supervisors, and higher productivity.  In the longer term we can see that retention in all grades is better and the supervisors now feel empowered to introduce a number of new initiatives to increase productivity.

Merger consultation - Primary Care organisation, Sussex

Changes in primary care are leading to a significant increase in mergers between GP practices.  We were consulted by a large Sussex practice planning to merge with a smaller neighbouring practice and who wished to ensure that TUPE, integration and redundancy issues were properly managed. 

We worked with both practices to ensure that sound legal and management processes were designed and implemented and that the inevitable anxiety amongst staff was minimised.  As a result the merger was completed smoothly with minimal disruption to staff or services.

Company restructuring - Property Lettings company, Surrey

Increased competition and market changes created serious challenges for this small regional lettings agent requiring significant restructuring.

We participated in a working group of Directors and financial advisers to develop a new operating model that would ensure financial stability and provide a platform for future growth.  This entailed major changes to company structure, job roles and terms of employment.  With consultation and good communication we were able to facilitate the changes needed and provide training to those with new management responsibilities.

Employee engagement survey - Cleaning company, North-West

A growing residential and commercial cleaning company in a traditionally low-pay industry was concerned that it was unable to attract and retain cleaning operatives.

We undertook an employee attitude and engagement survey to identify the real issues affecting staff.  As a result we were able to show that pay was not, in fact, the problem - operational and organisational methods were of far greater importance.

With this insight, the employer was able to revise the operational model leading to greater job satisfaction, improved retention and employee relations and, as a result, happier customers.

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