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Accountant, Payroll Bureau, Business Adviser?

As a trusted business adviser your clients instinctively look to you for support - but how do you respond when their challenge relates to HR or employment law, and these are not your own areas of expertise?  By partnering with Staffcraft.  

We offer a choice of two popular schemes, detailed below, to match your professional profile and preferences.  However, we are always happy to discuss alternative models.


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Option 1 - Introducer

Simply introduce your clients and we'll do the rest.  Refer us either:

  • Individually - provide our details as and when a client approaches you with an HR question.  We will communicate directly and, if required, provide an initial free consultation.  If your client likes the service we will contract with them directly.

  • Collectively - communicate our details through an email or your usual marketing routes and invite your clients to contact us directly.  You are welcome to use the text of our regular newsletters to alert your clients to important developments. 

Please note: we will never ask you to divulge your client list - unlike some HR providers we could mention - and we do not compete against services that you might already offer, such as payroll processing.

What's in it for you?  We provide our Essential Support core service to your organisation completely free of charge.

Option 2 - Business Partner

Integrate Staffcraft into your own services.  

Extend the range of your own professional services through a business partnership.  Provide HR support to your clients either free or as a chargeable extra.

We offer an instance of our unique Helpdesk and Knowledge-base branded with your name and corporate colours.  We can add our advice service and other options as required, all delivered under your own branding.

As with Option 1, we provide our Essential Support core service to your organisation free of charge and a pricing structure that allows the opportunity to generate revenue for your organisation. 

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